Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A beautiful book

Hello everyone
Today I am going to write about a book. I read this book in the summer of 2007, in this moment I was in the beach, in the north of Chile. I liked this book because is different from all that I read previously. The book was from a friend, and one of this days of holidays I started read the book and since this moment I couldn`t stop read; this was strange for me because I never read books and less in summer.
The history told in the book is very passionate; this was the principal reason to read. Also talking about the food, all topics were deal of this point of view. Is the history in related a girl, the youngest of three daughters; she spends most of her time growing up in the kitchen with the cook of her house. When the girl grows, she was in love and this provokes a big problem with her mother and sisters.
The girl protagonist expresses all her feelings through the food and thus transmit these emotions to rest of people, is an incredible history!
This book was writing for Laura Esquivel, in 1989. After in 1992, a movie was filmed with the same name. I wasn´t see the movie, but I think the most important is read the book, because gives you the possibility of imagine the story, characters, feelings…
I recommend this book to all persons who like to imagine and passionate stories, you will not regret, I’m secure.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chilean´s bicentennal year

In fact the date that we the Chilean celebrate the bicentennial not be the correct because the September 18 of 1810 wasn’t our independent but if was a big step for to begin. The date in that was signed the independent 12 de February of 1818; this date hadn’t been considerate and always the Chilean’s birthdays have been in September.
Also is commemorated the day of Armed forces maybe for the importance that have for to keep the sovereignty and independence of a country.

The Chilean’s bicentennial year have been very particular because the country was affected for much negative things as the earthquake, where died persons, also much more lost their house and a part of your life because was a big catastrophe.
Also very close of Chilean bicentennial occur the tragedy in the north of our country, when August 5 the 33 miners was trapped in a deposit named “San José” a history very incredible for the form as occur the thing, all the events that around of those 33 man, their families to created a small world in half of desert. Well also all the paraphernalia national and international that involved the rescue.

But bicentennial no only have had thing negative, the celebration that had in this four days of party, with very typical food much empanadas, terremotos, roast meal and more. Also of the celebration massive that occurred was beautiful for example in the house of all the Chilean “La Moneda” had a interesting and beautiful show of light named “Pure Chile, pure energy” during this spectacle was seen different moment of the history of our country. The palace of “La Moneda” was the scenario of other moment historic, when was meet the presidents of the last twenty years to presence the hoist of the big Chilean flag, historic because represent different view politics that have divided to country.

I think that this year with the success have been very special nothing could to representable best the that are the Chilean, because remember for example the earthquake, where we saw as in middle of the tragedy person invaded for fear or despair sacked supermarket and big stores, but an days after many people collaborated with the campaign “Chilean help to Chilean” a instance that united all country.
Finally in this bicentennial year have had much moment of contrast that show the diversity of our country.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brain motor of our life

Hello everyone
Today I am going to write about of Dr Maldonado exposition. In my view the brain is organ more complex of organism, is undoubtedly the fundamental motor of our body. Is amazing the development that achieve since it starts to form until our death in a process of continues activity.
The anatomy of brain of different species is a reflex of the thing o activities that each one of then can, for example the human brain have more folds that the cat brain but is more small that the brain dolphin, well but each one is capable of to realize the essential functions for this specie. The physiology of the human brain have determinate that each sector realize a specific function is as if would have a map this has been demonstrated through of studies where front a different activities are active the zone to charge of to management this for example if a person are see a photography is ignite the occipital zone of brain.
I think that is very interesting the constant activity of all brain because include when are sleep continue coordinated the different process well and can not to be of other form this would significant our death.
The to know this information we help to understand the importance of protect the brain of the hypoxia during delivery and also to teach our patient a stimulate the cognitive development of your children since the pregnancy in each stage of your life.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Change you life and avoid the stress

Hello everyone
I am going to write about stressful this word is very used in these days, appears we feel constantly stressful but what is stress? This question have a several answers depend of view point. An integral definition purpose that the stress is “an organism's response to physical stimuli, biological or psychosocial alter its homeostasis is partially nonspecific, systemic response that integrates the psychological, neurological and endocrine, the stressful nature of the stimulus derived from the meaning assigned to the individual, based on previous experience and their cognitive and affective processes, and the stress response is active and influences both the stimuli as their meaning attributed”.
Therefore before we could think that we would be capable of to manage these situation that to have to feel more nervous or stressful and to improve in somewhat our life. The Chilean society is known for to done the activities in the last moment then is normal that the people must to make very fast conditioning then a press situation. The students don’t escape a this reality is frequently to make work or study for the last minute, also to think in all this thing that must to done in occasions generates more tension than them. Then must to avoid accumulated our different works, because we would feel less the weight of the situation and who knows could dedicate our time a other activities that are more comfortable as to be with friends, to done exercises , to walk , or simply to sleep. Well this only depend of we, anybody change if don’t desire.
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who sets limits

Hello everyone:

I am going to write about the article Kicking off against noisy kids, which is about the conducts of the kids in the restaurants and more specifically how their attitude can affect other persons. This topic generated many controversial as face the position the parents and owner restaurants. The first wish can eat freely with their children in any restaurants because is natural out in family and enjoy and comfortable moment, may be that they are accustomed their conducts and think that other people are exaggerating.

In change the owners restaurants argue that our clients deserve are in peace and quiet while eat, then therefore they says that the noisy children unwelcome, but this decision would not include all the children.
There are people that think that the idea to excluding children of the restaurant is not a good idea because the parents can not teach the love by good food their son.

The article purpose the perhaps the restaurants must have a section dedicated family, I think that this is a good idea because both parents and children deserve have right to enjoy of exquisite food out of home. Also is necessary to teach a the children good comportments and close in the home is not the best way, in fact this article talk about of put clear ruler the children, is not necessary to hide noise children is best to educate by that all people can living in harmony.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Levonorgestrel: a controversial topic

Today I am going to comment about Dr. Valenzuela’s exposition. The doctor based in the studies of Wilcox and Simpsons to make a table where show the probability of pregnancy in each day of menstrual cycle and relate with use the levonorgestrel as an emergency contraception but more specifically its postovulatory effects.
Clearly this is a controversial topic because have implications bioethics as is complex to define the begin of the life, each persons have a different idea based in the aspects cultural as the religious, other people in changed have a thought more science then isn’t strange that the subject generate discussion is more within of the same science world there aren’t consensus.

Well, Dr. Valenzuela proposed the used the levonorgestrel as a as an emergency contraception in two dose increased the rate of ectopic pregnancy, it’s that majority of the times end in abortion, something quite complex for the terrible consequences that this have for the female health.

Now I think that is interesting to treat the topic because is relevant for ours degree and our life as women, in my view the investigation of the doctor deliver new knowledge that can help a form a opinion an in the future to take decisions about of the appropriated of to use or no this drug, considerate the risks versus the benefits for the patients. Although always is necessary to revise more literature for can treat of approach a truth. Finally I think that our decisions must have based science and walk away in the possible our belief.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life or death

Hello everyone
I think that is amazing that the money this by on the health of the people because when a persons dies have all an world behind of this. I see the film Sicko, I cannot avoid to think about of the that occur in our country for example when since a time the pharmaceutics companies was organized for raises prizes being that this situation to put in risk the life of the persons that can not to have the medicine that they need by their treatment, I wonder where this the ethics of those professionals?

Well in the insurance world there is another thing that I found stranger as the put prizes the part of body, because I think that all the golden of the Earth can not pay the value physic and emotional that significant have each cell, tissue or organ of our body in its site operate with normality. I feel that I don’t choose between to hear or to see or to speak or between my left leg or right leg but I know that there are people that yes.

Therefore the governments must create public politic that include a all person regardless its sex, age, or social condition because when we get sick so does our families. Now also is necessary to say that each persons is responsible of to demand their right by avoid the abuses with respect a their health.

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